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Flávio Carvalho



Flávio Carvalho, is a journalist and graduate of PUC-Rio University who was born in the biggest favela of Rio de Janeiro, Rocinha. The son of immigrants from the Brazilian state of Ceará, he continues to work as a journalist in the favela where he was born.   

Flávio studied in public schools and decided to enrol in college. In 2008, he got a scholarship to study Social Communication at PUC-Rio University. In his fourth semester, he was invited to write for the new and only Rocinha–based newsoutlet: (FDR).

This work, for which he volunteered his time and effort brought him personal pleasure as well as professional development. This work experience resulted in various additional projects, like an internship with the newspaper Folha Dirigida, work for the radio and press office of the “Comunicar Project” led by PUC-Rio, social media work for the Social Welfare and Human Rights Secretary of the State of Rio de Janeiro, and a job as cultural producer assistant and photographer in C4 Bibioteca Parque da Rocinha (the only State Library Rocinha). Corrently works as content producer and photographer  in the press office of the initiative, being in 12 countries, World Mosquito Program, lead in Brazil by Fiocruz. .

He was activist in political movement “Cidade Unida”  and the co-founder of photography club FavelArt&Foto. This group, made up mostly of local favela residents, aims to show the positive side of favela life. He is also part of a photography club based in Rocinha: Fotografando, which is related to the FDR website. Flávio has been specializing in photojournalism since 2009, by focusing his academic training as well as his professional career on it.

Currently, Flávio currently works for as journalist and photojournalist.






Photoclub FavelArt&Foto

Foundation: January 7th, 2012

FavelArt&Foto is a group of amateur and professional photographers who takes pictures in the weekends trying to show positive images from Rio de Janeiro favelas.



Photoclub Fotografando FavelaDaRocinha

Foundation: May 30th, 2012

Fotografando a FavelaDaRocinha is a photographer group that takes Rocinha daily pictures.  



  • Photographic exhibition for 70 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights - Icict/Fiocruz - 2018

  • Exhibition 11ª Biennial Architecture from São Paulo - Street Vendors - 2017

  • Exhibition Via Sacra da Rocinha in Photos - 2015

  • Exhibition Street vendor Yesterday and Nowadays- 2014

  • Exhibition Popular Click - 2014

  • Exhibition “If I was me” - 2014

  • Exhibition Rocinha Northeastern - 2013

  • First Artistic Presentation - 2012

  • Permanent Exhibition Rocinha's Windows  - 2012


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