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Exhibition Via Sacra from Rocinha in Photos


The event Via Sacra from Rocinha has been happening since 1992 and it gathers crowds to watch the life, death and resurrection of Christ. This exhibition was performed in association with Circuito Favela Criativa and intends to show the relevance of street theater in our community.


This exhibition had 12 photos in its structure and happened in August 8th and 9th, 2015, at "Roupa Suja" square. The curatorship was made by the author photographer Flávio Carvalho. The favela's street theater was the main character in this photos collection.     

Exhibition Street Vendors Yesterday 
and Today


Museu Sankofa Memória e História da Rocinha in partnership with Instituto Moreira Salles

supported by C4 Biblioteca Parque da Rocinha (Park Library from Rocinha), presented in May 1st until August 1st, 2014. This exhibition was celebrating Labour Day. and happened in Library’s second floor.

The exhibition was inspired in Marc Ferrez’s centenary photographic work in contraposition with Flávio’s images from Rocinha nowadays. These both picture selection is a photographic work of art and a result of historical research in Rocinha. This exhibition is very important to social Brazilian memory.

Popular Click


In January 31st, 2014 , Friday, at 7 pm, happened the photographic exhibition Popular Click, in C4 Biblioteca Parque da Rocinha (Park Library from Rocinha), and you could visit it until April 8th. You watched 40 images that had been the result of workshops with the awarded documentarist photographer João Roberto Ripper who created Click Popular project. These workshops were accomplished by Dona Rosa Filmes, sponsored by CEG, Cultural Secretary of State from Rio de Janeiro and coordinated by photographer Mariana Marinho.


The classes had people in their 18 and 60 years old that learned about photographic History through documentation exercises, studying some photographer's work and reference authors under non-academic point of view. The students learned also how to edit in appropriate software and went out with their cameras trying to produce authorial images. This exercises motivated even who didn’t know what was aperture size.     

If it was me


Who asked the first question? Who made the world? If it was God, who made God? Who said the first word?

These questions, and much more, made by the writer Clarice Lispector in her text “I’m a question” was the beginning to motivate us to create more questions about ourselves. The result was the exhibition that you will see here.

These images presented in this exhibition, with opening in December 21st, 2013 until April 29th, 2014, are self-portraits took in artisanal photographic workshop coordinated by Mão na Lata project invited by Instituto Moreira Salles in partnership with C4 Biblioteca Parque da Rocinha (Park Library from Rocinha). What is a pinhole? What is a self-portrait. These questions can be made by Clarice Lispector or by yourself.

Rocinha Northeastern


Retelling stories from their parents and grandparents, four young guys, northeastern descendants, join to register their community nowadays. They had chosen the photographic language to tell this poetic story.

This solo exhibition at Gonzagueando, opened in June 29th, 2013, in Praça do Conhecimento (Knowledge Square), is a short photo selection of northeaster cultural and tradition that are hidden in our rush and careless that you can see in the actuallity Rocinha freneticism. The eldest’s wrinkle who hold his guitar, this image sends you to the countryside; The sunday bean's recipe that your mother learned with your granny and it will only work if she uses all that reminiscences surrounded her. Like that hick costume which was waiting for the traditional party in the church to come to life.          

First Artistic Presentation


This solo photographic exhibition from Fotografando a group in I Mostra Artística (First Artistic Presentation presented some images that belongs to the members in Planetário da Gávea. The art show that was part of ecologic event Rio+20, was a partnership between Rocinha’s artists, the website, the singer Leoni and Planetário da Gávea.

Beside that exhibition, the Presentation had the presence of some Rocinha’s group artists like: Casa de Artes da Rocinha, Joilson Pinheiro and little kids poets from Rocinha, graffiti artist Wark, theater group Bando Cultural Favelado, Acorda Capoeira, DJ School Spin from Rocinha, dance break group GBCR, rappers Guilherme Rimas and MC Oz and singer Michele Castro.  

Permanent Exhibition Rocinha's Windows 


The exhibition Rocinha’s Windows had happened when the C4 Biblioteca Parque da Rocinha (Park Library from Rocinha) was opened in June 4th, 2012. The art show had five landscapes from Rocinha and they was framed by windows. The images were made by Fotografando a group. The concept was to create the local point of views from who lives there, wondering that the photographer was watching the view inside one of those Rocinha's houses.  

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